The one that says not to mix metals.

The one that says not to mix metals.

It's an outdated view. 


The one that says not to mix metals. 


Not only can you, you should to add visual interest and depth to your space. 


Now, let's unpack a few tricks that will help you do so successfully and leave your space feeling professional decorated. 


TIP 1 - First, pick one dominant metal and another metal as an accent. 


TIP 2 - Be careful not to choose metals that are too similar in tone. It will look like a mistake. Contrast is key. 


TIP 3 - Separate metals by height. For example, use one metal for lighting and the other for cabinet hardware. 


TIP 4 - Consider using textures. Combine matte, polished and textured finishes to add visual interest.


And lastly...


TIP 5 - Keep it subtle. Your metals should never compete for attention.